I have been in a personal/creative funk hence why I’ve hardly been posting. To combat the blues I’ve been de-cluttering my house..With the accumulation of 5 kids stuff plus my own over a 10 year period, it makes for a lot of clutter..My advice is do it now, don’t put it off, don’t wait, its empowering but it is exhausting & doing it right before christmas, prob. isn’t the greatest either but its saving me from landing in a black hole, works for me. Just take me as the hindsight you need about clutter. If its no longer bringing you joy, fits you, if you haven’t done anything with it in 6 months or more, then its prob. not going to happen if you hang onto it & oh yeah you prob. don’t need as many clothes as you think you do..Donate, give to the homeless, sell..Do whatever to get rid of the clutter in your life, seriously you’ll thank me when you’re done.



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