In the dark..

I was thinking about your betrayal, while I was walking to work in the dark, this morning..It seems to be a time for thinking over the past..

When no one else is about and my footsteps crunch through dirt & leaves, scraping against the concrete. Even if trucks & cars roar through the streets, my footsteps always seem extra loud, in the black silence & I feel all alone. I don’t think many people walk to work these days. If I had another choice, I would take it..Some days are too hard to be out in the world..At least that early.

I wonder if you ever think about how you reduced me to rubble..It still aches in the holes I’ve stuffed my pain into and when I’m feeling most alone, it enfolds my heart.

Yeah I’ve moved on mostly and we don’t talk anymore..Will you be held to account..Should it even matter anymore..I guess I want acknowledgement that you fucked up and an apology that is meant..Instead of blaming it on me..


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