The Collective..

I think one way people are kept small is by the people they have to work with & the environment in which they work & the retail giants that employ them. Its like an invisible mantra grabs hold of you as soon as you enter, I must be shown what to do ’cause I am […]

Keep dreaming..

I felt led to do this even tho’ I don’t feel much in the mood for editing and its beautiful & I feel like crying..I haven’t had my tablet today so maybe that’s why..but its still beautiful..I want to move other people besides myself with my pictures, I’ve been experimenting a lot with blurry because […]

Food for Thought

Its interesting how I’ve developed a certain mind thinking in regard to how I dress, I guess because I’ve grown up with fairly rigid parents in the way they dress, its like now because I’m getting older I can’t dress flamboyantly or because I’m a Mum, I can’t wear that because its meant for younger […]